computer repair san bernardino Says If You're Looking To Acquire A New Desktop Computer You May Want To Take A Look At The Asus ET2410IUTS-B044C 23.6-Inch Desktop

12/15/2012 18:59

computer repair in san bernardino shops will tell you many individuals have been moving on over to using laptop computers, you are going to find a large amount of people that still prefer their desktop computers. While laptop computers are fantastic for mobility, desktop computers will traditionally have more technology built into them. A thing that has become really popular right now are the all in one desktop computer systems which will no longer require a separate tower. In the following paragraphs we're going to be checking out one of these all in one computers and it is the Asus ET2410IUTS-B044C 23.6-Inch Desktop.

The very first thing computer repair san bernardino should point out about this computer is the fact that mainly because it is an all in one system it is not going to have a traditional computer tower. What this means is that the monitor for this computer has all the technology built into it that you would typically find in a traditional computer tower. The monitor is almost 24 inches in size making this one of the largest monitors which you'll find available with computers these days. Touch screen technology is something else to lot of individuals are looking for within their monitors and you'll be pleased to understand that this technology is included in this monitor.

This computer additionally has a 500 GB hard drive which is going to provide you with a great amount of room for saving your media files, as storage space is very important to many men and women. For individuals who could be wondering just how much ram includes this computer, you are going to see that the 6 GB of ram is a lot more than most computers currently available. You are in addition going to find that this has a built in multi DVD drive, for people who may be worried that this was not included. For individuals may be wondering you are not going to have to buy a separate web cam for this product as it has a built in webcam right on the front of the monitor. One final thing san bernardino computer repair would like to mention is that although you can use the touchscreen, you'll probably be very happy to realize that there is a wireless mouse and keyboard which comes along with this system so you do not need to type out on the touchscreen.

Many individuals go to Amazon to read reviews about a product before purchasing, but computer repair san bernardino ca should mention that there is only one review at this time about this product on Amazon because it is so new. Needless to say the one review that has been sent in to Amazon relating to this product has given this product the highest review possible, a five out of five star rating.

To if you are interested in checking out this computer system you are also going to discover that Amazon is selling it for $929.99 directly through their internet site. san bernardino computer repair should also mention that by purchasing through Amazon they are going to end up paying for the shipping fees so you don't need to pay extra for this.

If an all in a single desktop just isn't heading to work for you personally phone a computer repair in san bernardino ca shop and have a tailor made pc built. Check out right here to find out what outlets we suggest.